Wilmotte UK Architects

Dear architect, Q1: The footprint of a typical floor in a height-dominant building overlap with the area designated in the regulations by at least 25%. However, the floor area of such a dominant structure must not exceed 1700 sqm HPP (gross floor area). Refer to pages 50-51 in Appendix 2 for specific details in the "Masterplan presentation." Q2: A. Only the area of real greenery (not paved surfaces) can be calculated. B. Greenery on the roofs of underground garages can also be included. Greenery on the roofs of above-ground structures cannot be included in the calculation of the overall Greenery area. Q4: Yes, the specified distances from objects are the minimum distances we require to be maintained. Q5: It is theoretically possible, but it depends on the specific case. However, the development needs to be connected to the surrounding streets and buildings C2+C2e, whose baseline height level is fixed (see Appendix No. 2, page 52 / Masterplan presentation). Q6: In the center of the area, there is a reserve (extension of Bottova Street) where placing above-ground structures is not possible (underground structures are allowed). Its utilization is at your discretion. It can serve as a public space for pedestrians or also as a traffic connection for underground garages. Q7: We do no completely understand this question. Please provide further clarification.