Weber Architects

Dear architects,
  1. The regulation currently allows for vehicle entry at this location. However, since our ambition is to create a car-free zone, we believe that utilizing this urban axis without cars could be beneficial. The decision, though, is up to you and will also depend on whether it is possible to serve the area with transportation connection while maintaining this exclusively for pedestrians.
  2. Our goal is to place retail only in locations with sufficient foot flow. However, if your urban solution offers a logical justification for siting retail in alternative locations, we are open to accepting such a proposal.
  3. Please use the pink version of the road profile provided in the DWG file.
  4. further detail of C2 and C2e buildings should be available until the beginning of the second round of this competition, as it is currently in the process of redesign. With certainty, we can say that the ground floor of these buildings will primarily serve as the entrance to the main lobby and also house retail amenities. Regarding neighboring projects (Block 5.1 and Portum) their intention is not yet clear, but we also anticipate predominantly retail use on the ground floors of the buildings.