Atelier Hui

1. This DWG consists of two overlays. The lower one is a transportation solution from the zonal regulation plan, and the second one is a section from the documentation for the underground ramp in Košická. At this stage of the project, these documents should be considered conceptually only.  The exact form of the transportation solution will be subject to further development in subsequent stages of the project. In principle, however, the conceptual intersection must function as a combination of both overlays. 2. Yes, the construction of this ramp from Košická is planned. Please see details provided on page 49 of the attached PDF titled "Chalupkova Masterplan presentation." 3. This road is the result of an investment by a neighboring developer, so we do not have full control over its design. However, in the first round of the competition, it is also possible to propose ideas for its modification Given that the spaces are not dedicated for long-term vehicle parking, it is necessary to find alternative locations for such purposes upon their removal. 4. Yes, the boundary of regulatory blocks applies only to above-ground floors; therefore, underground floors can be situated between the blocks. However, it is necessary to consider the possibility of phasing individual objects and also the corresponding underground floors. Block B should be constructible independently, while connectivity with other garages is possible, preserving the option for phased development. 5. This attachment contains only one Excel file. It appears to be some form of backup that is not intended for direct opening. It is possible that this is an issue related to iOS. So far, we haven't noticed any problems with any other participant, so I assume it's a matter on your end. 6. Yes it is also possible, but in such a case, it is appropriate to quote them, giving credit to the author.